About Us

Beach Umbrella is Australia’s premier summertime lifestyle brand, created for a life spent in the sun. The business was founded on the coasts of Sydney with a simple purpose in mind: to share Australia’s distinctive summer flair with the world at large.

Our products are found in the oceans, water bodies, and sun-drenched vacation spots worldwide. Beach Umbrella is known for its extensive seasonal collections, including everything must-have summertime items.

Our signature aesthetic includes beach umbrellas, accessories, toys, and essentials with eye-catching prints and forward-thinking packaging. We are dedicated to developing a line of summer necessities, innovative, high-quality, stylish, and valuable, the ideal summery lifestyle solutions.

Where You Can Find Premium Beach Equipment And Accessories

Beach Umbrella is your one-stop destination for beach supplies, equipment, and toys, among other things. We’ve brought the top brands from across the globe to Australia. Our objective is to spread the word about our enthusiasm for fashionable, durable, and long-lasting beachfront gear, which is sometimes hard to procure.

To keep up with the newest beach fashion and trends, we’ve spent lots of time visiting some more of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Please take a closer look at a few of our top popular beach staples and accessories.

The Beach Umbrella Difference

Our goal is to make sure you have a guilt-free, stress-free and carefree day at the beach!

This is how we go about it…


We’ve scoured beaches worldwide (we understand how hard it is!) in search of that something remarkable; the next big thing in beach equipment, accessories, devices, and toys.


We only have the hottest products from the leading manufacturer of unique and adaptable beach lines. You’ll appreciate these products for generations to follow since they’re made to endure longer than a summer!


Our beach equipment and accessories come with a manufacturer’s guarantee and a no-hassle return policy. Fast delivery is also available within Australia, including more than a hundred locations worldwide.


Australian summer, here we come! We’re always looking for new products that prioritize sustainability, environment-friendly materials, and a significant environmental ethos.


As new trends arise from throughout the globe, we are the first one to market. We have a few handpicked brands, items, and accessories for your next summer escapade.

We’re your go-to shop for all the beach essentials you’ll need for a great day on the waters!

We’re thrilled to provide trendy, one-of-a-kind, but cost-efficient products that are hard to come by. We make it a point to check with suppliers to verify that they and their goods align with our aim for a high-quality line, sustainably manufactured and constructed to endure longer than a single summer.