How to Maintain the Perfect Condition of Your Beach Chairs

If you use your beach chairs often during the summer—going to the beach, concerts, picnics, or your children’s baseball games—you’ll get a lot of usage out of them. They’re portable, lightweight, and handy, but if you don’t maintain them properly, they may appear old after years of use in a corner of the garage. Take a look at these suggestions for maintaining beach chair care below to learn that investing just a few minutes on these seats is all it takes to keep them looking good for years.

Wood Frames

Wood warps easily when it becomes wet. To prevent this, keep your wood-framed chairs in a cool, shaded, and dry location. This is especially important during inclement weather when the air is wetter than on a dry day. Wood receives extra protection from being stained or finished with a sealant finish.

Aluminium Frames

Although aluminium is a cheaper option than wood, it’s susceptible to rust. Aluminium-frame beach chairs are most prone to corrosion owing to moisture. We suggest keeping your chairs as dry as possible and wiping off any moisture immediately. You may also want to have the aluminium clear-coated for added protection against rust.

Beach Chair Storage

Place your chairs in a dry, dark place at all times. In the winter, cover your chairs with a storage bag or shed to protect them from the weather.

Fabric for Seats Made of Polyester or Canvas

The majority of beach chair seats are made of polyester or canvas. Regardless of the fabric type, Allison advises sweeping the cloth clean over a beach chair seat after each usage to prevent staining. Another excellent practice: Mop any spills or stains as soon as possible rather than waiting for them to set, which might allow them to do so. To keep your seats clean, vacuum them once a month. It can make a significant impact. If there is a stain on your chair, what should you do? Instead of washing the entire seat, spot cleans the fabric. If your chair needs to be deep-cleaned, follow all of the instructions on the tag. Consider purchasing one with UV-resistant cushions so that they may retain their look for as long as possible when buying your next beach chair.