Bath Towels: Why You Shouldn’t Use on the Beach

You wake up early in the morning. After a fast breakfast, you grab a bathing suit and some food for the day. You stuff your umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, beach chair, and other beach necessities into the car. This time, you remember to bring a towel as well. But what kind of towel do you choose? Is it the one that you used after taking a shower or a beach towel? For an afternoon on the shore or out on the open water, only a custom beach towel is correct. Here’s why.

1. Bigger is Better on the Beach

You may use a beach towel to cover yourself while lounging on the beach. A normal bath towel (often 27×52) will not be long enough to lay down properly on the beach. A beach towel, on the other hand, will be sufficient for you to keep a decent degree of comfort.

Your body may come into contact with the sand if you don’t have a beach blanket of this size. With a beach towel, you can avoid the mess while still focusing on having fun.

2. Thicker Towels are More Damaging to the Beach

It may appear to be the polar opposite, but thicker towels are really detrimental for the beach.

The density of a bath towel determines how well it absorbs water after a shower. However, for the beach, you should use a different strategy.

Thicker towels take significantly longer to dry, resulting in an unpleasant beach environment. Beach towels, on the other hand, are more appropriate for the rapid transition between drying off, relaxing, and walking with it around your waist.

A personalized towel is a fantastic way to show off your company on a sunny day.

3. Beach Towels May Be Customized

Bath towels are generally uninteresting – they’re all the same shade of blue, for example. Beach towels, on the other hand, give you the ability to personalize your beach look by adding character and personality. We propose that you utilize a school, camp, or sports team logo as the design for your custom woven towel. For instance, placing your school logo on your custom woven towel would be a fantastic idea. You may make even more customization options with sublimated towels if you clean them frequently. Make sure to keep the towel clean in order to maintain the design exciting!