How To Install A Wall Mural

Before You Get Started

Wall murals should only be installed on smooth, flat and clean walls. Do not install a wall mural on an uneven surface. Make sure your wall is clean and dry. 

You may need to make minor repairs to your walls, such as removing picture hooks, or filling any holes and smoothing them over with a filler and sander.

If you need to wash or paint your walls make sure you allow at least 48 hours for your wall to dry.

Have All the Right Tools

Having all the right equipment before you get started is the best way to ensure you will do a good job. Some of the tools you will need include.

  • A sharp cutting knife, such as a Stanley knife or Exacto blade
  • A short ladder or step ladder
  • A rubber squeegee
  • A measuring tape
  • A steel ruler
  • Just like wallpaper

Installing a Wall Mural is very much like installing wallpaper, it is up to you to make sure the edges are lined up straight. 

Get Some Help

Wall Mural panels can be handled easily by two people. It is a good idea to have a helper standing by. 

Plan Ahead

It is a good idea to plan where each wall panel will go, and line it up with your ruler and measuring tape to make sure the placement is right before you peel back the adhesive layer. This way you will know your layout is correct before you get started.


You might want to mark out guidelines on your wall to ensure the installation goes exactly as planned. 

Peel and Seal

Your Wall Mural will have a sticky adhesive backing that is protected with fine waxy paper. Simply expose a small section of adhesive at one corner and stick it in place.

Slow and Steady

Peel the adhesive layer slowly; paying attention to smooth the Wall Mural as you go, working from one corner to the other until the whole panel is neatly in place.

One at a Time

Now that you have your first panel exactly in the place you need to align the second panel and repeat until all the panels are neatly in place.

Smooth Out the Edges

You can use your squeegee to squeeze out any air bubbles that might get trapped during the installation, and use your steel ruler and cutting knife to trim up any untidy edges.

Take Your Time 

Installing a Wall Mural is a simple procedure, however, it is important to take your time and follow the instructions. 


For a trouble-free installation:

  • take the time to prepare your surface, making sure it is clean, smooth and dry;
  • have all the right tools before you start the job so that they are there when you need them;
  • don’t work alone, many hands make light work;
  • plan ahead, marking out guidelines will help you keep the installation straight and tidy; and
  • work slowly and steadily, don’t rush, take your time and get it right the first time.

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