Top 5 Trending 2015 Wall Murals

The leading wall murals in the 2015 wall painting landscape are not only a mix of skill and creativity but a portrayal of the contemporary culture and the day to day activities encountered by folks in the course of life. The wall murals give life to the games that people enjoy and use that life to transform any particular space in home, office or business premises. Not only that, the murals embody the items, lifestyles, wildlife, foodstuffs, entertainment and even imagination and mythology. All the stuff that people encounter in their surroundings somewhat eventually finds its way into the murals platform in 2015. This is the trend. Everyone has something to marvel at in this new generation of art in practice. The young and the aged, all have something for them in the trending 2015 wall murals.

3D Wall Murals

With the advancement of 3D technology and the increased awareness of just how interesting and entertaining, it can be, the wall murals platform has been a great beneficiary of the element of 3D in 2015. The idea of video games and advanced cinematography has been a rich resource for mural artists. No more boring, splashed walls in 2015, except for those who choose to be left behind by changing trends.

Every homeowner, office owner or business premise owner can now breathe a warm air of dynamism at every corner of their interiors by simply adding a touch of illusion with the broad variety of colourful 3D wall murals. 

These murals have fascinating views amplified by the power of 3D technology offering an eye-grabbing interior. From lofty buildings to sleek designs and patterns, everyone has an option to go.

Fantasy and Mythology Murals 

2015 walls are dotted with mermaids, winged angels and all sorts of fairies drawn from different mythologies and powered by imagination. The advancement in the field of graphic design has made this even more fascinating. Creativity is brought into play; art and professionalism is employed to create enthralling mythology wall murals suitable for both interior and exterior spaces.

Whether in business premises or offices for commercial spaces, interior or exterior for residential spaces; you will commonly meet astounding displays of murals featuring Witch houses, Fairies, Mermaids, Moonlight Dreams, Cloudscapes, just to mention a few. These murals come in varying colours and types of sheets, but one thing that distinguishes the 2015 trend is the guarantee of quality. 

Kids’ Art Murals 

Another distinctive feature in the 2015 wall mural landscape is the increased recognition of kids’ art. Instead of leaving kids’ rooms with dull plain colours, this year has seen increased innovation giving rise to a lively, quirky, and trendy look to the room. Kid’s art murals are based on particular themes such as cowboys, monsters, princess and fairy, robots, jungle, pirates and numerous others. 

Erotic Wall Murals

With the booming growth in the entertainment industry, 2015 has seen the interiors get decorated with erotic murals featuring exclusive vistas and partially nude characters posing in the middle of the attractive scene. The images express feelings of pleasure and sensuality and can be so intriguing. 

Spiritual or Religious Wall Murals 

Amid all the new trends entering the mural industry, the classical religious wall murals have not lost value. Rather, they keep gaining ground daily and are bound to remain trendy for as long as religion lives. They are perfect for interiors at home and both exteriors and interior spaces for religious buildings. 

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