5 Reasons Why You Should Go Caravanning Now

Excited travellers have been caravanning around Australia ever since R.J. Rankin finished having his first one constructed in 1929 just outside Sydney in Newtown. Although those numbers were small in the late 1920s and throughout the 1930s, interest in these fascinating homes on wheels started to grow once World War II came to an end in 1945. Nowadays, more than 50,000 Aussies are enjoying this pastime and exploring everything that this country has to offer. 

Why should you join this amazing group of travellers? 

1 – Flexibility

There is nothing like experiencing the comfort of your own home while enjoying the freedom of the open road. You can travel where you want when you want. Do you like to plan everything out and then stick to that as closely as you can? Caravanning is great for that. Are you more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person who prefers to simply see where your heart leads you? Caravanning is a great option for you as well. Those with pets especially enjoy utilizing a caravan as there are no restrictions on taking these beloved members of your family as is usually the case with other forms of transportation. 

2 – Cost

Travelling around Australia by caravan will most likely cost less than flying or using a different type of transportation, and this is especially the case the larger your family or travel group is. Your accommodations are usually much more affordable when you caravan as well. Many of these travellers stay at one of the tens of thousands of caravan parks that are scattered throughout Australia. Several of these places have all of the modern amenities, including laundry facilities and Internet access, while others are set up as places to simply park and sleep. 

3 – Sociability 

There is quite a fascinating community that has grown up around a shared passion for caravanning. Thousands of caravan clubs are located throughout the country, and joining one is a great way to socialize with those with similar interests. Members are also usually very helpful in providing tips to those who may not be as experienced as they are. Otherwise, caravan parks are normally pretty social places with lots of friendly interactions taking place there as well. Those who want the most company are encouraged to caravan in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria as 82 percent of Australians sleeping overnight in a caravan do so in one of those three states. 

4 – Nature

Many caravanners love this activity because of how in touch with nature they are. You can breathe the fresh air and travel through and to Australia’s most stunning displays of natural beauty. Several people plan to visit as many national parks as possible during their vacations. Many of the activities that caravanners enjoy doing while exploring this great country include golfing, fishing, surfing, exploring botanic gardens, bush walking, fossicking and finding a cosy spot to look at the stars. 

5 – Warmer Weather

During the winter months, many caravanners have a simple plan: head north until they get warm enough to stop. Cairns is a popular destination for many of those looking for nicer weather in July and August.

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